Sauce Kid a.k.a Sinzu Sentenced to 2 Years Jail Term for Stealing $15,388

Rapper Sauce Kid, often referred
to as Sinzu born Babalola Falemi
has been battling legal troubles
since leaving Nigeria for the U.S.
The rapper, who represented Ogba
area of Lagos while in Nigeria has
been arrested severally and has
indeed spent time before.
He has now, pleased guilty of
$15,388 fraud, sentenced to
2years in U.S jail.

According to reports, he was
sentenced to 2years in federal
prison after stealing $15,388
during a visit last summer to
the Treasure Valley. .

Sinzu obtained stolen bank
card numbers and identifying
information for their owners.
He then encoded the account
numbers onto blank plastic cards. .
After using an automated system
to change account PINs, he was
able to withdraw cash from bank
ATMS and buy merchandise from
stores between July 23 and 26. .

All of the losses took place at
Boise ATMs owned by Idaho Central
Credit Union and at Albertsons
stores in Meridian, court documents
alleged. .

Police arrested Falemi at the Boise
Airport as he was about to board
a flight. He was caught with a card
encoding device and most than
$6,000 in cash. .
Falemi was initially charged with
conspiracy to commit bank fraud,
8 counts each of bank fraud
and aggravated identity theft,
and possession of 15 or more
fraudulent bank cards. .

He pleaded guilty to one of the
counts of aggravated identity theft.
In exchange for his guilty plea,
prosecutors dismissed the other
counts. Senior U.S. District Judge,
Edward J.Lodge, also placed him
on one year of supervised release
after his prison term.

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