Mystro Ft. Davido – Issavibe [VIDEO]

The world is obsessed with the
African wave, as Afrobeats and
all its fusions continue to show
up in popular music and dance
circuits across the world.

And back in Lagos, the capital
of African music, Mystro is one
of the main creators of music.

Much like Fela and a long
generation of great musicians,
Mystro is inspired by Jazz, and
he has produced records for
some of the biggest names
from the continent.

His credits read out like an
African all-star list.
A master record producer
and recording artist, Mystro is
staking his claim in the African
space with this new record.
He returns with ‘Issa Vibe’,
a bouncy pop song featuring RCA Records’ Davido.

Over muscular drum kits and
lush interjecting synths, the
duo join vocals and create the
perfect Afro vibe to flavor
the summer.
“It’s craziness in the Lagos
creative, with the international
spotlight and the rise of Afrobeats worldwide” Mystro says.

“Issa Vibe’ just captures the
upbeat vibe, which is the best
part of the music.
Working with Davido on this
record was refreshing.
It gave it a little something extra,
which adds to the overall feel
of the track.”

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Watch the visuals below:

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