President Buhari Suffers ‘Dementia’, May Die From Complications

According to a report by LeadersNG,
all is not well with Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari as his doctors have confirmed that President Buhari’s health has deteriorated to the point that he no longer recognizes people or speaks with any one.

Recall that the president was reportedly not allowed to see his wife during her recent visit to the United Kingdom. In the stunning disclosure, the sources affirmed that the president has been kept away from several of his aides and even those bodyguards who supposedly traveled with him.

Here are the details:

A source close to the Chief
Security Officer to the President,
Bashir Abubakar told LeadersNG that the President has not spoken to anyone in a long time and he does not
recognize people. He forgets issues discussed with him almost

LeadersNG further learned that the President is suffering from
Alzheimer’s disease which has
gotten to its moderate stage
where he cannot perform most
common activities of daily living.
Speech difficulties have also been observed on the President as he has
an inability to recall tenses.
His memory has also worsened and
he cannot recognize most of his
close Aides and Associates.
His long term memory has also
been severely damaged and he is gradually slipping into Dementia.

The Doctors have told LeadersNG
once again that the President can
no longer continue with his official
functions as he may die as a result
of medical complications if he is
not frequently and adequately

The Cabal has vowed to keep the
incapacitated President in office for
as long as they can, and are
mounting pressure on the doctors
to resuscitate him so they can
bring him back home for some
time then return him back home
which the doctors advised strongly against.

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