10 challenges of writing a Linkedin profile

Challenges are relative to the person creating
their own Linkedin profile.
It may depends on-
1. You need to have a high level of literacy.
Any spelling mistakes or grammatical
errors that you make will work against you.
2. You need to have good strategic thinking
skills. We all likely have a long list of jobs,
skills and/or accomplishments that we
could post. But should we? Your Linkedin
profile has to be consistent with your
purpose of creating it in the first place.
Sometimes, less is more.
3. You need to get comfortable with
promoting yourself. As a business would
when marketing itself, your Linkedin
profile is marketing you. You have to make
sure it is written to present you in the best
possible light.
4. It’s no longer a matter of sharing what you
have done in the past, it’s a matter of
promoting what you can do in the future.
You need to craft your content so that it
comes across as a solution to somebody
else’s problem.
5. You need to get comfortable with writing
about yourself in the 3rd person vs 1st
person ‘I’ statements .
6. If you are searching for work, your
Linkedin profile has to be consistent with
your resume. Your Linkedin profile allows
you to expand upon some of the claims
that you have made on your resume and
provide examples of your work.
7. You need to fill out all of the areas in your
profile. This not only means filling in dates
and titles, it means providing content that
once again, shows you in a good light.
8. You need to actively build your network of
connections. Consider 500 connections as a
minimum. It may be the first thing that
many people look at. If your connections
number is low, some may wonder if it’s
worthwhile connecting to you.
9. Linkedin is one of many social media
venues. You need to ensure that your
digital footprint is consistent with the
professional image that you want to
10. You should consider your Linkedin profile
as being iterative. It needs to be tweaked
and adapted on an ongoing basis.
11. If you are using it for job searching, you
may want to keep a file of different
content e.g. jobs and duties that you have
had in the past and then change your
Linkedin profile whenever you are applying
for a job.
From my perspective, there are at least two
categories of connections on Linkedin. There
are those that take a lackadaisical approach to
connecting and those that take it very
Linkedin is merely a tool for you to use to
promote yourself. At present, it is likely the
best one for achieving results.

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